Calling all Women to Action

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Calling all Women to Action….and anyone passionate about the importance of women’s issues in this upcoming election! Women make up the majority of our population and we do vote!  We have the power to use our vote to elect those who respect and support women and want to continue efforts to help women gain educational and economic equity.   We need your help and your voice to express your valuable perspectives on women’s issues on our Blog and/or...

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Clean water goals contrast Braley, Ernst

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  Regarding “Proposal on Waterway Oversight Stirs Argument” Register (Sept. 18): The proposed (EPA) clarification of the Clean Water Act provides a clear contrast between the two Senate candidates in their approach to problem solving. Joni Ernst once again demonstrated her out-of-touch views by her demand to eliminate environmental protections for Iowa waters by closing the EPA. Her attacks on clean-water rules are clear by her...

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Being a woman, I appreciated the fact that Bruce Braley sponsored the legislation aiding women in the military, who are experiencing domestic abuse and sexual assaults. This shows that Braley will legislate; and support legislation and issues benefiting people. An example of this is Braley got promised pay for some veterans, the Iowa National Guard. On the other hand, Braley’s Republican opponent Joni Ernst, a woman in the military, didn’t even...

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Jack Hatch cares about people

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Jack Hatch cares about people An article in the Des Moines Register polling the opinion of Iowans on the humanitarian interest of the two candidates for Governor showed a higher percent of Iowans thought Iowa Senator Jack Hatch has more interest in helping people than Governor Branstad. This is evident since Hatch spear headed in the Senate legislation to expand Medicaid in Iowa, which Branstad was against for a very long time. Do I need to say...

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We don’t need Ernst’s Palin-esque rhetoric

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    The Iowa US Senate race is shaping up to be a choice between a uniter, Rep Bruce Braley and a divider, Joni Ernst. Ernst is using the Sarah Palin divisive hyper partisan playbook in her call for the President’s impeachment in a video during the GOP primary. Rep Bruce Braley’s commitment to ending gridlock and finding common ground has just been confirmed with his award by the bipartisan group No Labels with their Problem Solver...

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Republican insider’s reject voters in order to crown Young

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 Republican insider’s reject voters in order to crown Young   Iowa Republican power brokers chose David Young, a Washington insider in an elitist undemocratic process as their candidate for Congress in the Third District.  It’s a coronation engineered by GOP activists and amounts to a direct insult to primary voter’s choices.  A small gang of Republican activists chose a candidate that got only 15.6% of the popular vote and came in fifth place...

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