Could Polk County Democrats successful grassroots neighborhood groups be a model for Party Building?

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  South Side Democrats primary forum   Could Polk County Democrats successful grassroots neighborhood groups be a model for Party Building? By Rick Smith Following the 2014 election, Polk County Democrats began to grow the number of neighborhood groups within Polk County. Their vision is to develop a permanent core of local activists centered on geographic areas within the county. There has been a long history of local Democratic...

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Democrats must rally in support of Hillary Clinton

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  Democrats must rally in support of Hillary Clinton The vicious and unfounded Republican attacks on Hillary Clinton have escalated with the latest preposterous charges about her emails.  This is an escalation of the Republicans’ continuing disgraceful Benghazi conspiracy investigations fabricated to smear Clinton’s sterling record as Secretary of State. They anticipate Hillary will be the Democrats’ Presidential nominee, and they are...

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Debunking Negative TV Ads

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Go vote Democrat! Spread the word! Debunking negative TV political ads by Kathleen O’Leary I am amazed to see the negative TV ads, which had been debunked, are still being aired. Truthful statements taken out of context are still in the news. These seem to be playing to an uninformed public. Bruce Braley’s comment on U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley being an Iowa farmer without training in law being Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, if...

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Medicaid expansion: Hatch vs Branstad

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I appreciate the Letter to the Editor entitled “Branstad’s gall over Medicaid expansion” in the October 5th edition of the Des Moines Register. This letter talked about the long standing Branstad’s opposition to the federally funded Medicaid expansion, which would provide numerous low income Iowans much needed medical services. During this long period of opposition time, at least two petitions were authored gathering hundreds Iowans’ signatures...

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Why Do We Need an Impartial Secretary of State?

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This week I saw a unique presentation or panel discussion hosted at the Des Moines Public Library by Brad Anderson, our Democratic party candidate for Secretary of State. Brad’s two guests were the current secretaries of state for Minnesota, Mark Ritchie, and Missouri, Jason Kander. These two accepted Brad’s invitation for this short panel discussion not because of party affiliation, but rather quite the opposite: they both emphasized how the...

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How has Ernst missed Pentagon’s climate concerns?

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The recent Senate debate between Bruce Braley and Joni Ernst exposed a serious lack of knowledge on the science of climate change by Ernst. She repeated her previous statements that she hasn’t seen proof that it is caused by man. Earlier she has been quoted as saying she hasn’t seen proof of climate change. This is especially disturbing because she promotes her experience as a soldier as evidence of her leadership and knowledge....

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