Time for Leadership?

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Where is the leadership in Iowa when it comes to raising the Minimum Wage?  Private businesses, cities and some states recognize that Congress is broken and unable to move forward with a raise in the wage.  Since May we’ve seen , Maryland, Michigan, Hawaii, and Massachusetts all enact legislation to increase wages for their citizens. Where is Iowa? Poll after poll of the general public shows we are on the right side of this debate yet...

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Climbing Out of a Deep

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Climbing out of a deep, deep hole is difficult and takes time, but the U.S. economy is successfully accomplishing this under the leadership of President Obama When people, including Mitt Romney, state that Obama isn’t keeping his promises for improving the economy and employment, they unintentionally, or intentionally, ignore the economic situation thorough which the country has been.   The deficit Obama inherited created a very deep hole...

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RE: Wall Street Journal Article “The Un-President”

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The following is a response from one of our Polk County Democrats to an article in The Wall Street Journal titled: Henninger: The Un-President Yet another negative rant by Dan Henninger and Karl Rove about President Obama and his apparent failure to clean up a Republican created mess in 4 years.  Mr. Henniger and Mr. Rove and your readers would benefit from a review of the comparative history of the Great Depression.That economic calamity took...

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It’s Time to Put This Stereotype to Rest

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Stereotypes exist, usually due to lack of knowledge. Unfortunately, Democrats have the stereotype of spending more than Republicans. I’m not sure how this fallacy came to be because the facts chew up and spit out this stereotype. Republican presidents over the past two decades have racked up far greater increases in the debt than Democratic presidents. Share these numbers with anyone who starts complaining about Democrats spending too much:...

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