Democrats offer students the experience of an Iowa Caucus!

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  Tuesday, December 10th Polk County Democrats and Republicans conducted a mock caucus for Polk County High school students.  The goal of the mock caucus was to introduce area High School students to the political caucus that has made Iowa the first state in the nation in Presidential politics.  This unique bipartisan civic demonstration was planned and executed by the Polk County Executive Directors, Tamyra Harrison (Democrat) and Ryan...

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Obama’s diplomacy is notable not laughable

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WHO radio talk-show host Simon Conway provided the expected contemptible dismissal of President Obama’s handling of the Syrian crisis with his “America is the laughingstock of the world” claims (Political Mercury, Sept. 19). Conway said he had more respect for Putin than Obama, a shocking comment considering Putin criticized Obama for describing America as an exceptional nation. Does Conway agree with Putin that we don’t deserve to be called...

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Branstad’s gift to the extreme

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The Civic Skinny article “Odd questions for would-be judges” (Aug. 29) provides further evidence of Gov. Branstad’s deliberate agenda to fill Iowa boards and commissions with the most hyper-partisan, extremist and narrow-minded political operatives. The Iowa Judicial Nominating Commission and its members have had a nationally respected record in choosing the most qualified judges to serve in Iowa. The reputation of that commission is in...

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Want a sure-thing Iowa investment? Try Des Moines Area Community College

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Ninety-five percent of DMACC graduates remain in Central Iowa. That means they’ve been trained with the skills necessary to kick-start and maintain well-paying careers, raise families and continue to ensure that our Iowa community thrives. And it does. Remember how we consistently beat national employment statistics during the Great Recession? That’s not an accident. It means Central Iowa is continuously educating and training a qualified...

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We need to renew 2 DMACC tax levies

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Voters have an important civic obligation in the Sept. 10 school board elections to renew the two levies that support the Des Moines Area Community College. DMACC provides a wide diversity of affordable and alternative career opportunities that Iowa business and manufacturers are demanding. DMACC offers unique educational choices ranging from the latest in auto technology and advanced manufacturing to health sciences and liberal arts often not...

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