We should be correct on crime

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We should be correct on crime By Karl Schilling, president, Iowa Organization for Victim Assistance It’s not a matter of being soft on crime or hard on crime. We should be correct on crime. Prisons should be used for protecting the public from dangerous people and making those dangerous people less dangerous. They should not be used as substitutes for drug treatment centers or mental health hospitals. It is not a matter of shorter...

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Vaccinations and Obamacare, a personal story.

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The news about measles hits home to me.  When my oldest brother was eight and my mother was pregnant with me, my brother contracted measles and encephalitis.  My father took him to the hospital but they would not admit him.  We could not show that we could pay for the hospital stay or the treatments.  The doctor did provide medical advice at least.  He said that my father should do his best to keep down the fever and he should keep his wife...

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