Changing views of U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley

By Kathleen O’Leary

I know what Patty Judge, Iowa candidate for the U. S. Senate, means when she says that Chuck Grassley has changed his political stance.   This was painfully evident when Grassley, who in former times sponsored and co-sponsored pieces of legislation benefiting persons with disabilities, voted against the U.S. Senate’s advice and consent for Obama to ratify the Disability Treaty.   This Treaty would in essence enable the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to go worldwide, providing accessibility for the world’s citizens with disabilities, letting many individuals to come out of the shadows.

Grassley went against the Disability Treaty spouting right wing, conservative rhetoric, proving that he had changed his views and people of this persuasion had gotten to him.   The biggest complaint of the Treaty was that it would do away with home schooling. This reasoning of Grassley is simply not true. The ADA is in effect in the U.S. and our country still has home schooling.

Vote for Patty Judge, Hillary Clinton and candidates of like-minded thinking up and down the ballot.   They will work for ratification of the Disability Treaty and passage of legislation for the betterment of all people.