Grassley road block


Senator Grassley is blocking the America people from hearing from President Obama’s nominee

By Rick Smith

Over the long history of the Supreme Court, Senators from both political parties have often challenged the nominees from the opposing parties. They have filibustered them, they have mounted massive efforts to oppose them, and they have refused to confirm some of them. All these actions are well within the accepted parameters of the constitutional mandate to the Senate to give “advice and consent.”

However, Senator Grassley’s refusal to hold hearings for a nominee has never been done before in the history of the Supreme Court. The Senate Historian confirmed on CNN that, “no Supreme Court nominee has ever been denied a confirmation hearing unless he or she has voluntarily withdrawn from consideration.” Sen. Grassley and the Republicans have taken their obstruction to the next and much more dangerous level by refusing to hold basic public hearings. They have rejected the historical constitutional process to have open hearings and let the Senate vote the nominee up or down. He has abandoned his commitment to fairness by refusing to give the public a chance to open and transparent hearings on this nominee.

Senator Grassley has betrayed his commitment to the democratic principles which Iowans expect and the constitution demands.

Grassley must be retired.