Cruz green eggs

Flip-Flopper Republican Cruz to sign up for Obamacare

We need to make Ted Cruz feel the political heat on his complete flip flop on Obamacare. So much for his standing on principle. He acknowledged that since his wife is resigning her position and losing his healthcare coverage under her policy he will be joining the Obamacare exchange.  Cruz who shut the government down protesting Obamacare finds it’s convenient to sign up now that he needs insurance.  Note: The Des Moines Register confirmed that Cruz and his family have other insurance options but they would be more expensive than Obamacare. Prior to Obamacare he and his wife could have faced being turned down for insurance due to preexisting conditions, paid excessive premiums, or been subject to limits on coverage.

However, that hasn’t prevented him from continuing to mislead by saying Obamacare has “wiped out the individual market”. He will soon see that is simply false. All of Congress and their staff have multiple choices on the Washington, DC Obamacare exchange. He will have the choice of four private companies with multiple choices of plans and networks.

Do you think he will stop misrepresenting Obamacare when he actually understands his new insurance is better, more affordable, provides more protections and is coming through private companies?

Rick Smith