Hillary attacks

Democrats must rally in support of Hillary Clinton

The vicious and unfounded Republican attacks on Hillary Clinton have escalated with the latest preposterous charges about her emails.  This is an escalation of the Republicans’ continuing disgraceful Benghazi conspiracy investigations fabricated to smear Clinton’s sterling record as Secretary of State. They anticipate Hillary will be the Democrats’ Presidential nominee, and they are fanatically obsessed with slandering her reputation by concocting more Benghazi conspiracy allegations.  Benghazi has been investigated by five separate Republican-controlled House committees and each has concluded there was no evidence to suggest Clinton did anything wrong.  The latest Benghazi committee chaired by Republican Trey Gowdy has now turned to Clinton’s emails in a pathetic last resort to find something to vilify Clinton’s record.  It’s important to note Gowdy from South Carolina is one of the most conservative and angriest attack dogs in the Republican Party.  He hasn’t produced one scintilla of evidence that there is anything new about Benghazi in Clinton’s emails and is simply using ugly innuendo to slander her.  In addition, Speaker Boehner has just announced he will set up yet another committee to investigate Clinton’s emails.

Whether Clinton, Warren, Sanders, O’Malley, Webb or some other candidate is your choice we must all defend Clinton from these unfounded and spurious attacks. Remember, if Clinton decides not to run as a result of these withering Republican attacks your candidate will likely take her place as the focus of the Republican smear machine.

Democrats allowed the Republican attack machine to wage a similar war on President Obama with fictional attacks on his birth record, his religion, his patriotism and his leadership which continues to divide our country.

This is a Republican war on all Democrats and it’s our responsibility to respond with the facts. We must defend Hillary Clinton and all Democrats under attack by the Republicans’ venomous strategy of candidate destruction.

Rick Smith