Iowa Republicans’ inadequate education funding is more obstruction

Please Fund Iowa shools

Iowa education leaders throughout Iowa are questioning the reasoning that’s motivating Iowa House Republicans to propose a meager 1.25% increase in K-12 State funding for education. 

Individual Iowa student spending has already fallen to 35th place, falling far short of the national average by $1612 per pupil.  We know there is a direct correlation between student performance and per pupil funding. It’s estimated that with a 1.25% increase Iowa will fall to 40th place nationally.

Iowa tax revenues are estimated to rise by a heathy 4-5% this fiscal year, the budget is currently balanced and Iowa has a current surplus of approximately $400 million.  With the Iowa budget in such a positive position why are Republicans short changing education?  There’s no rational reason for their punishing Iowa schools with this inadequate budget.  It appears to be more mindless obstruction based on their opposition to adequate funding for any and all government, including funding our schools.

The consensus among educators is Iowa needs to increase spending by a minimum of 6% ($210 million) just to catch up.

We must demand Iowa House Republican Legislators explain why they are proposing to starve Iowa students of reasonable funding and risk further declines in student performance, while Iowa has the resources to improve Iowa education.

Rick Smith