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Republicans’ temper tantrums over Immigration Reform threaten America’s National Security

The Republican controlled House is playing a dangerous game of chicken with President Obama over funding for our first line of defense, the Department of Homeland Security. The Republicans are throwing a tantrum over President Obama’s two temporary emergency executive orders that prevent deportation of undocumented children and the undocumented parents of American citizens.   The Republicans are angry that the President acted even though it was their refusal to pass permanent immigration reform that created this crisis. Their refusal to act on permanent immigration reform put millions of undocumented children and family members in danger of deportation forcing the President to act. The Republicans childish response is to attack Homeland Security, the Department responsible for funding immigration policy as well as America’s national security.

The Republicans outrageous, dangerous and irresponsible attack on Homeland Security funding will endanger America’s national security at the very moment when the world is reeling from terrorists’ attacks in France and increased threats to our homeland.

The House Republicans must be condemned for both their cruel and immoral disregard for the welfare of undocumented children and families as well as their reckless gamble with Americans’ national security.

Tell Republican House members to stop jeopardizing our national security and do their job by fully funding the Department of Homeland Security and passing permanent immigration reform.

Rick Smith