New Sheriff In Town

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New Sheriff In Town Russian President Putin, known for his shirtless swaggering bravado, is discovering there’s a new sheriff in town, President Barack Obama. Following Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, many Republicans expressed a man crush on Putin for his strongman tactics. Former New York Gov. Rudy Giuliani gushed praise for Putin by saying, “that’s what you call a leader.” Republican Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers, an Obama critic,...

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Obama opens Cuba to the world

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Obama opens Cuba to the world Thanks to President Obama for his courageous action ending the failed 50 plus year embargo on Cuba.  Also, thanks to Pope Francis for his crucial role initiating, encouraging, and negotiating this agreement between the two nations.  America’s re-establishing of diplomatic relations, placing an American embassy in Cuba and extending internet access promises to open a dialogue with the Cuban people.  Years of...

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Citizens United must be overturned

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Citizens United must be overturned The recent midterm elections have proven the dire warnings about the “Citizens United” Supreme Court decision have come true.  The court ruling in effect, gives corporations the ability to buy elections by allowing them to spend unlimited amounts of dark money.  We just endured the results of that ruling with the massive unprecedented negative advertising in the midterm elections. Former Supreme Court Justice...

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Benghazi-Give it up, there’s nothing there!

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      Benghazi-Give it up, there’s nothing there! Will the Republicans’ irrational obsession with Benghazi ever end?  The House Republican controlled Intelligence Committee investigating Benghazi, the attack on the US Diplomatic compound in Libya, quietly summarized its latest findings on Friday night before the Thanksgiving weekend.  Why do you suppose they chose a time in the news cycle least likely to draw attention from media...

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