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Debunking negative TV political ads by Kathleen O’Leary

I am amazed to see the negative TV ads, which had been debunked, are still being aired. Truthful statements taken out of context are still in the news. These seem to be playing to an uninformed public.

Bruce Braley’s comment on U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley being an Iowa farmer without training in law being Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, if Republicans are in majority is the plain truth. It is doubtful that Braley, with his farm background, meant to berate farmers. This implementation bent is the worst aspect of political gamesmanship. Braley has already apologized to Grassley, who graciously accepted it, and anybody who wrongly took his statement as insulting to farmers.

The publicized $700 billion (whatever figure) cut in Medicare is not a reduction in this program’s benefits. This cut is really the amount of efficiency costs Medicare save under Obamacare.

In the news, Braley was accused with paying his women employees 59 cents for every dollar paid to male employees. This accusation continued even after it was reported in the “Des Moines Register” newspaper that Braley actually paid his female employees of the D.C. and campaign staff $1.02 to every $1.00 paid to the males. Additionally, Bruce paid 40% more money to women because he has many women in leadership positions.

Braley crafted legislation; worked on issues; and attended events all benefiting Veterans while being accused of meeting absences.