Support President Obama’s action on Immigration Reform

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President Obama is about to follow through on his pledge to act on Immigration Reform because House Republicans have refused to take action.  A bipartisan Senate (with 14 Republican votes)  passed a comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill over a year ago that would seal the border, offer documented status to millions of Immigrants and set in motion a long path to citizenship.  Boehner, fearing a backlash from his Tea Party extremists, continues...

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Democrats ran from President Obama’s success

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Democrats must take responsibility for the devastating election losses because they ran from President Obama and his success. Democrats failed to defend and champion the President’s record. They allowed the Republicans to paint every Democratic candidate with the GOP’s preposterous message of the “President’s failed policies”. Democrats played defense thinking voters wouldn’t believe the Republicans absurd “failed policies” message. They...

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Debunking Negative TV Ads

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Go vote Democrat! Spread the word! Debunking negative TV political ads by Kathleen O’Leary I am amazed to see the negative TV ads, which had been debunked, are still being aired. Truthful statements taken out of context are still in the news. These seem to be playing to an uninformed public. Bruce Braley’s comment on U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley being an Iowa farmer without training in law being Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, if...

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