I appreciate the Letter to the Editor entitled “Branstad’s gall over Medicaid expansion” in the October 5th edition of the Des Moines Register. This letter talked about the long standing Branstad’s opposition to the federally funded Medicaid expansion, which would provide numerous low income Iowans much needed medical services. During this long period of opposition time, at least two petitions were authored gathering hundreds Iowans’ signatures urging Branstad to do the right thing and expand Medicaid.

Iowa Senator Jack Hatch, the Democratic candidate for the next Governor, authored the Senate bill calling for expansion of Medicaid. Hatch was helpful to advocates wanting Medicaid and very influential in getting this program in Iowa.

Who do you want leading Iowa? Do you want someone, who was hesitant about putting a program in place, which would help hundreds to have health insurance? Or will it be better to have someone leading Iowa, who knows what will be good for their citizens and will not be afraid to act upon this knowledge?

Vote Hatch for a more caring Iowa.

Written by:
Kathleen O’Leary