Branstad’s Record of Corruption

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By Art Hedberg When people think of Iowa politics, the word corruption does not ordinarily come to mind. Iowa has been known – historically – for decency and clean politics. Over the past four years Terry Branstad has done everything in his power to change this. It began with the extortion of Workers’ Compensation Commissioner Chris Godfrey. Godfrey was the only openly gay agency head in all of Iowa state government. By all accounts, Godfrey...

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To My Fellow Democrats…

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To my fellow Democrats, especially in Iowa, do you remember how you felt Election Night 2010? I do NOT want to feel that way again. Get every Democrat and Democrat supporting Independent you know OUT TO VOTE. TURNOUT IS THE KEY!! Do you want the Congress wasting their time trying to repeal Obamacare over and over again? Wouldn’t it be better to work together to solve the problems? This can only happen if we maintain the Senate majority...

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Medicaid expansion: Hatch vs Branstad

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I appreciate the Letter to the Editor entitled “Branstad’s gall over Medicaid expansion” in the October 5th edition of the Des Moines Register. This letter talked about the long standing Branstad’s opposition to the federally funded Medicaid expansion, which would provide numerous low income Iowans much needed medical services. During this long period of opposition time, at least two petitions were authored gathering hundreds Iowans’ signatures...

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Why Do We Need an Impartial Secretary of State?

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This week I saw a unique presentation or panel discussion hosted at the Des Moines Public Library by Brad Anderson, our Democratic party candidate for Secretary of State. Brad’s two guests were the current secretaries of state for Minnesota, Mark Ritchie, and Missouri, Jason Kander. These two accepted Brad’s invitation for this short panel discussion not because of party affiliation, but rather quite the opposite: they both emphasized how the...

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A Grim Picture–Minimum Wage

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A GRIM PICTURE–MINIMUM WAGE by Mary Ann Ahrens, West Des Moines, Iowa   We hear much talk about growing Iowa and increasing our economic development base. We know that, in order to grow Iowa and recruit new business, one must have a trained workforce that earns living wages.   The reality is that we have thousands of workers in Iowa earning minimum wages that have not kept pace with inflation.   It is unconscionable that our...

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