Being a woman, I appreciated the fact that Bruce Braley sponsored the legislation aiding women in the military, who are experiencing domestic abuse and sexual assaults. This shows that Braley will legislate; and support legislation and issues benefiting people. An example of this is Braley got promised pay for some veterans, the Iowa National Guard.

On the other hand, Braley’s Republican opponent Joni Ernst, a woman in the military, didn’t even talk about the existing domestic and sexual abuses in the service until Braley’s ad about the above mentioned legislation on abuse aired, then Ernst acknowledge the existence of this problem. Wonder why Ernst was quiet on this issue for so long? Could it be that Ernst’s big money backers aren’t comfortable or don’t care about this subject. What does this say of Ernst’s future legislation? Will it be dictated by the big money backers?

Written by
Kathleen O’Leary