Jack Hatch cares about people

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Jack Hatch cares about people An article in the Des Moines Register polling the opinion of Iowans on the humanitarian interest of the two candidates for Governor showed a higher percent of Iowans thought Iowa Senator Jack Hatch has more interest in helping people than Governor Branstad. This is evident since Hatch spear headed in the Senate legislation to expand Medicaid in Iowa, which Branstad was against for a very long time. Do I need to say...

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Time for Leadership?

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Where is the leadership in Iowa when it comes to raising the Minimum Wage?  Private businesses, cities and some states recognize that Congress is broken and unable to move forward with a raise in the wage.  Since May we’ve seen , Maryland, Michigan, Hawaii, and Massachusetts all enact legislation to increase wages for their citizens. Where is Iowa? Poll after poll of the general public shows we are on the right side of this debate yet...

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Why Republicans can’t think for themselves.

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When one is restricted from the concept of abstract thought and continually has their ‘arcs of knowledge’ diminished and unexpanded, it is often much easier to accept new, or old but improved through repetition, lies in the hope that they will lead to a confirmation of preconceived belief, rather than accept the possibility that their belief structure is, in fact, a house of cards unable to survive the slightest breeze. That would...

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