Three Iowans Testify at the Capitol About Obamacare’s Life Saving Benefit

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(“Backers of Health Law Say It Has Been Blessing”, Feb. 12-DM Register) Three southwest Iowans joined Senator Rob Hogg to speak at the Capitol yesterday and tell their moving stories about the life saving benefits of Obamacare. These Iowans were asked to speak in order to give them the opportunity to explain how Obamacare has literally been a blessing for their families. They are thankful their families will no longer be forced to live in fear...

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The New CBO Report Provides Strong Support for Obamacare and the Economy

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The February CBO report on projected labor market changes resulting from Obamacare have Republican opponents of the law unleashing a fury of distortion and misrepresentation about future job losses.   The CBO report clearly states Obamacare gives employees more choice and freedom as a result of the law and allows them greater employment options.   Employees will have more freedom of choice in the future to work less hours, change jobs, retire...

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