The release of the extensive investigation by the NY Times on the Benghazi attacks promises to be a political bombshell exploding the GOP and related groups unrelenting propaganda claim of a cover up by the Obama administration.  The Times article indicates the Republican’s primary allegations claiming an Al Qaeda link and denying any role of the controversial anti-Islamic video are questionable at best.  Republicans have made the Benghazi attack their singular rallying cry in a long running crusade to disparage the administration.  Recall during the Presidential debates Governors Romney’s mistake in claiming President Obama didn’t call Benghazi an act of terror.  That factual error was a deadly blow to the Romney campaign but it didn’t prevent Republicans from continuing to spout the myth.

Republicans have hyped these questionable accusations of cover up endlessly and used them to smear and then derail UN Secretary Rice for nomination to the Secretary of State position, to falsely accuse Secretary of State Clinton of a role in a cover up and suggested they provided grounds to impeach President Obama.

Republican Congressman Darrel Issa the architect and manager of the Benghazi witch-hunt has engaged in vicious unsupported misrepresentations about Benghazi and used those exaggerations to stoke up fear and hate in their base. In light of this new evidence Issa owes Rice, Clinton and Obama an apology and an acknowledgment that he intentionally mislead and manipulated the facts for purely political gain.  Will Issa and his fellow Republicans finally accept the facts or will they continue their war on women with baseless allegations about Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton?

The Benghazi attacks should have been an event uniting Americans and bringing us together standing with the brave soldiers and diplomats we lost rather using it to divide us for partisan advantage.  Democrats believe the four dead Americans deserve to be honored for their service and celebrated for their willingness to sacrifice their lives to protect all Americans.