New Benghazi report slams GOP’s smear campaign on Obama administration

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The release of the extensive investigation by the NY Times on the Benghazi attacks promises to be a political bombshell exploding the GOP and related groups unrelenting propaganda claim of a cover up by the Obama administration.  The Times article indicates the Republican’s primary allegations claiming an Al Qaeda link and denying any role of the controversial anti-Islamic video are questionable at best.  Republicans have made the Benghazi...

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Democrats offer students the experience of an Iowa Caucus!

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  Tuesday, December 10th Polk County Democrats and Republicans conducted a mock caucus for Polk County High school students.  The goal of the mock caucus was to introduce area High School students to the political caucus that has made Iowa the first state in the nation in Presidential politics.  This unique bipartisan civic demonstration was planned and executed by the Polk County Executive Directors, Tamyra Harrison (Democrat) and Ryan...

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