Voters have an important civic obligation in the Sept. 10 school board elections to renew the two levies that support the Des Moines Area Community College.

DMACC provides a wide diversity of affordable and alternative career opportunities that Iowa business and manufacturers are demanding. DMACC offers unique educational choices ranging from the latest in auto technology and advanced manufacturing to health sciences and liberal arts often not available from other educational facilities. This was made apparent in a recent article about Iowa manufacturers’ inability to fill the demand for high-paying careers as welders. It stated that DMACCs welding classes were at capacity.

Renewing these levies will provide the continued funding to add needed classrooms, labs and computer space.

It’s critical to note this is not a tax increase but rather a simple renewal of the current tax levies that is required of voters every 10 years. Looking at the rising cost of other educational institutions, and DMACC offers an educational bargain for taxpayers, students and Iowa business.

Please vote in your school board election to renew these important levies.

— Rick Smith, Urbandale