Ninety-five percent of DMACC graduates remain in Central Iowa. That means they’ve been trained with the skills necessary to kick-start and maintain well-paying careers, raise families and continue to ensure that our Iowa community thrives.

And it does. Remember how we consistently beat national employment statistics during the Great Recession? That’s not an accident. It means Central Iowa is continuously educating and training a qualified work force.

“DMACC’s programs … support business growth,” Ames Chamber of Commerce Chair Brian Dieter flatly declares in a letter posted on Ames Patch, on behalf of the chamber. (When a chamber of commerce supports a levy, that’s about as sure a thing as you can get!) “In addition,” Dieter’s letter goes on, “DMACC programs have linked unemployed or underemployed workers with skills that allow them to transition into employment and self-sufficiency to land a well-paying job with a future.”

So how do you invest in this tried-and-true money-maker? Simple: Vote “yes” Sept. 10 to continue two tax levies DMACC depends on—the 20¼ Cell Plant Levy and the 6-Cent Equipment Levy. Per month they cost the average homeowner less than a gallon of gas. And they are not new taxes; they come up for renewal every decade.

If you had the opportunity to keep a young person in our community, help give him or her skills to start on a well-paying career and dig roots deeper in Iowa, wouldn’t you?

Well, you can. And it won’t cost you more.  Just vote “Yes” on September 10 for both DMACC levies.


Jerry Tormey