Only the Democratic Party understands the issues that are important to young people and is actively working to take care of this age group. If it wasn’t made clear by the overwhelming number of youth delegates in attendance, a record-breaking 644,the newly-passed national platform makes it clear which party supports young people.

1. Democrats continue to support the Affordable Care Act, which allows 3.1 million college students who were previously uninsured to stay on their parents’ insurance plan. Governor Romney has said that the first thing he would do in office is repeal this health care legislation that has helped millions of Americans.

2. Democrats are committed to keeping college affordable for every American. President Obama doubled funding for Pell grants,scholarships that have been critical for keeping a college education affordable for students, and the 2012 platform goes further in for increases in federal student loans.
Romney and Ryan would cut Pell grants and the GOP’s platform advocates for the privatization of student loans, putting these valuable resources in jeopardy for those that need it the most. This comes as no surprise since it was Romney who suggested that students simply borrow money from their parents to pay for college
— a dangerous sign that this billionaire is not in touch with reality. It appears that Romney thinks everyone’s parents are billionaires, right?

3. The Democrats have been huge advocates for the LGBT community and the 2012 platform makes that clear, being the first platform of either major party to support marriage equality.
While Romney and Ryan promote an agenda that discriminates and promotes inequality, President Obama signed anti-discrimination legislation, repealed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and has publicly endorsed marriage equality.


By Gracie Brandsgard