The following is a response from one of our Polk County Democrats to an article in The Wall Street Journal titled: Henninger: The Un-President

Yet another negative rant by Dan Henninger and Karl Rove about President Obama and his apparent failure to clean up a Republican created mess in 4 years.  Mr. Henniger and Mr. Rove and your readers would benefit from a review of the comparative history of the Great Depression.That economic calamity took 12 years to climb out of and along the way 25% of the working population were out of work. The immediate priorities, then, didn’t involve austerity measures and deficit reduction, as even President Hoover recognized when he called for higher tax rates on the wealthy. It entailed government leadership, driven by President Roosevelt’s vision in many areas including securities reform, rural economic development, and economic productivity enhancing investments, such as the creation of hydropower assets in the South and West.

George W. Bush and his Republican policies of deregulation, tax cuts for the wealthy, and an unpaid war with Iraq that cost us $1.9 trillion dollars, about $6,300 per American, set the stage for much of today’s deficit mess. Mitt Romney’s proposed solution to lower tax rates won’t increase the demand for more jobs. We create consumer demand by putting more cash in the hands of middle-class consumers to spend.

We address the structural deficit by getting more Americans back to work, demanding the health care sector become more efficient as it is in most Developed nations, and refocusing our military for the 21st century so that America isn’t left holding much of the bill for providing post World War II security.

Thank you for the opportunity to comment.

John Norwood